About Muscian Heal Thyself

The mission of Musician Heal Thyself mission is to provide outreach, education and empowerment to musicians of all genres who strive to improve their quality of life via promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Musician Heal Thyself is a part of Chicago Blues Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on keeping this vital American musical genre alive and thriving. We help musicians of any genre gain access to better healthcare. We also seek to serve Chicago’s youth by creating musical opportunities to be exposed to the Blues and related genres through music education and the performing arts.

We aspire to expand our footprint in Chicago and beyond through our website and social media by reawakening interest in Blues music. We also look forward to opening a learning and performance center in Chicago’s Uptown for musicians of all ages.

Musician Heal Thyself is a program begun by Dr. Daniel Ivankovich, a spinal and trauma surgeon, humanitarian, and blues musician, professionally known as Chicago Slim. He is best known for his advocacy of the underserved in Chicago’s inner city as leader of the Bone Squad, a group of medical professionals who treat the city’s uninsured and underinsured.

Doctor Dan is also the medical director, and along with his wife, Karla Ivankovich, PhD co-founder of OnePatient Global Health Initiative, a nonprofit foundation based in Chicago. Doctor Dan has a mission to treat patients who have musculoskeletal health disorders, regardless of their ability to pay. Dr. Karla, a renowned psychologist, focuses on behavioral and adaptive strategies that patients can employ to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Doctor Dan, who is a graduate of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, was featured in 2015 on CNN Heroes, a series spotlighting “everyday people changing the world,” for his nonprofit medical work. Later that year, CNN named him one of its Top 10 CNN Heroes.


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New Podcast

PipemanRadio Interviews Dr. Daniel Ivankovich aka Chicago Slim

From Pipeman:

‘In this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Chicago Slim, also known as Dr. Daniel Ivankovich, all about music, health and wellness.

Chicago starts by talking about the connection there is between the blues and metal, as Pipeman is a lover of both. He explains how Led Zeppelin pioneered the metal genre with a heavy electrified blues which people called heavy metal. They also talk about Deep Purple in a similar vain.

Band members live a much different life to what they lived back in the day, with many of them pursuing healthy living and being more health conscious. Pipeman asks Chicago about how he came up with putting the two worlds of music and health together.

Chicago also talks about the Chicago Blues Society, an incredible organisation which Chicago is involved in. He talks about how because people assume because artists are in the spotlight and on stage, they’re wealthy, when it’s not always the case. Chicago goes on to explain his work and how he combats this. He also goes into detail on his Musician Heal By Self Programme, which empowers and educates musicians on accessing healthcare.’

Please click on the image to listen to the interview.